Liquidity Mining Program

Ardana will section the liquidity mining programs into 90-day periods, with each one having predefined goals & plans that will be reflected in how tokens are distributed during that period.
The rationale for this is that the crypto landscape is quickly evolving so it would therefore be counterproductive to commit towards a set-and-forget distribution plan for the liquidity mining rewards. This would limit Ardana’s ability to react to positive or negative changes in the protocol or the ecosystem around it.
This will allow Ardana & the Ardana community to quickly react even to extreme changes in the market environment, ensuring that the most appropriate form of supply-side incentivization will always be offered, thus ensuring that the protocol will be able to develop its liquidity mining program in tandem with the general development of crypto, DeFi, and RealFi.
(Please note that having our liquidity mining programs parsed into segments does not mean that the liquidity mining program will change every 90 days)